Remembrance of sleaze past

The Crimson Feather has been stifled for the last half year, but is ready to flutter again, with a return that can be described as a tentative first examination of what continue to be turbulent conditions. As we move into 2018, reflecting on the year just past makes for chilling reminiscence. Thus I will stay inside a comfort zone of sorts, and use the first column of the year to compare the present era unfavourably with the last time the Conservative Party was in power in the UK during the sleaze-ridden 1990s, as gruesome as that period seemed at the time. For yes, the miseries of today really do make the 1990’s feel like the good old days, a decade that one needs to be brave to stick up for. A lot of the music stank, even allowing for exuberant Britpop nostalgia and other niches of quality. Haircuts have aged very badly. There is a dearth of great movies from that time, and one of the best might be forever more sullied not just by the extensive predatory antics of one of its leading stars, but also its director.Read More »